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We are currently under Maintenance!

We are thrilled to announce that we’re not only revamping the Ultimate Driving Course website but also adding new features to enhance your learning experience!

We’re happy to share that the first phase of new features will include:

  • Practice Theory Questions
  • Road Sign Flashcards
  • Theory Mock Tests

These new features will be FREE TO ACCESS regardless of whether you have purchased the Ultimate Driving Course or not.

During the maintenance period 

Access to the Course for Existing Users: During the migration, you will still be able to access the course by using the “Legacy Login” <INCLUDE IMAGE> Button on the home page.

New Course Purchases you will not be able to purchase any courses. 

After the Maintenance Period 

Access to the New Course for Existing Users: You will be able to access the new version of our Ultimate Driving Course. Your details will be migrated, however your password will be reset for security reasons. You will be able to access the new course through the “Login” <Include Image> then click the Forget Password button to set your password. There is no need to Register again 

Access to the old Course for Existing Users; To ensure a smooth transition, the old website will remain accessible via the “Legacy Login” button for at least one month after we go live with the new site.[Insert Image Here] 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we strive to improve your experience with us. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at  

After the Migration, you will receive a couple of emails just explaining how to migrate.  

Thank you for choosing Ultimate Driving Course. We look forward to continuing to support your journey as a safe and confident driver.